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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I don't disagree with the pecking order there but I'd say the gaps between Raptors-TFC-Argos are tighter than that.

At least for the moment.
TFC's attendance is more than 50% greater than the Argos, without even including playoff games, Season Seat tickets alone are greater than the Argos average for all ticket classes. In terms of buzz on the street its not even close, probably 10x more likely to spot someone sporting TFC gear than Argos. Admittedly, Argos have better TV numbers, but noone's pretending anymore that the bulk of those viewers come from the GTA.

The Toronto Rock have almost the same number of average attendees as the Argos, but they do this with many more games. I still gave the Argos an edge here since they still have a higher profile in terms of buzz than the Rock.

It's quite possible that the NFL has a huge fanbase in Toronto, but no individual NFL team is as popular as any of the top local teams regardless of sport. Once again, Im only describing the popularity of these teams in the GTA, not Ontario or Canada in general.

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