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Out of all my picture threads, this one has the most legs, haha. So seeing how this thread is still alive, I may as well post some new palm tree pictures I took of Vancouver over this winter here:

All these pics were taken this winter (2011 - 2012)

Here is a close up of the fruit. Windmill palm have self planted themselves in the mildest parts of Metro-Vancouver and on southern Vancouver Island (usually within the same yard that the parent trees are located). And while windmill palms themselves may survive in the most suitable of sites in southern Ontario (in a more stunted variety as well), I can guarantee they will not produce fruit, due to the fact that their reproductive organs die at much milder temperatures that the trees themselves.

I love this intersection, looks like California.

These ones are starting to get pretty tall.

All pics are my own:

PS - I have actually toyed with the idea of making a "Palm Trees of Vancouver" book one day, maybe when I get some more photos to choose from.
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