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Originally Posted by N90 View Post
If you're worried about Austin looking like Houston or Dallas then you don't have to worry because it wont but we should take a better look at Atlanta now and start fixing some problems that it went through much earlier in our development stage. Austin by development is almost a baby version of Atlanta, strong downtown core but leap frog type of sprawl from there on out. Dallas and Houston have weak downtown cores but their sprawl is extensively continuous by development.

Austin's different than them because of the topography alone, its leading Austin to sprawl much differently. The highways/freeways are already an indication of what we need to work on, otherwise our traffic will compete with the best of them with Atlanta and Washington DC.
In a way I agree with this. Even with the attempt to create a secondary downtown (Domain v. Buckhead) or with a world-class event (Olympics v. F1), but we also have failed in ways where Atlanta excelled: mass transit.
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