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Originally Posted by xzmattzx View Post
I'm kind of surprised that the commercial area has a very small-town look. I was expecting something a little denser, like what Dundas has.
Originally Posted by TinChelseaNYC View Post
Funny, and maybe it's my imagination, but it seems more "American" looking than a lot of the other Hamilton threads you've done. I'm sure I'm dreaming, but it struck me that way.
Originally Posted by hollow man View Post
I agree, I would have thought this was an American town if you didnt tell me otherwise.
Stoney Creek and other areas on the east side of Hamilton share the look and feel of the Niagara Peninsula, which was largely settled by Americans who were disappointed with the outcome of the American Revolution. There is a plainer architecture with less brick and more frame houses.

Dundas and other places on the west side of Hamilton are grander, with mostly brick and stone buildings. Although they were also populated with United Empire Loyalists, they have more in common with the brick towns and cities in the central part of southern Ontario.

Historically, with the exception of the War of 1812, Stoney Creek was also much smaller and less important than Dundas. Now Stoney Creek has a larger population than Dundas, but it's mostly suburban stuff built in the last 30 years.

Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Is this a hotel or something? What a bizarre building.
A very bizarre building, I think it's condos.

Originally Posted by hollow man View Post
Stunning photos, that one with the Toronto Skyline in the distance is EPIC!
That must be what 35 miles away?
Wow, good guess. Downtown Toronto is exactly 35 miles from where I was standing.

Originally Posted by matt602 View Post
An area of the city I've explored very little, thanks to the HSR's spotty coverage. Good tour. I want to get out there now.
Strangely enough, my regular bus route goes into Stoney Creek sometimes. It's a 1 hour 15 minute trip. Needless to say, I drove there for these pictures.

Originally Posted by boden View Post
Beautiful set. Do you use an SLR?
Digital SLR, I use a Nikon D50.

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