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After much thought here are North American cities grouped together the most appropriately.

Grouping variables include vernacular architecture and urban layout as well as some intangibles.

Miami/Dallas/Phoenix - very master planned cities (by suburban developers)

Houston -unique

Montreal/new Orleans/Baltimore/Philadelphia - centralized cities with rowhouses

Toronto/Detroit/Los Angeles - early auto era sprawl , although Toronto core architecture somewhat unique

Cleveland/buffalo/Windsor -Great Lakes wood frame industrial cities

Chicago and Milwaukee - unique combo

Cincinnati/st Louis/Louisville/Memphis - brick river cities

Pittsburgh/Birmingham al - hilly brick industrial cities

Washington DC /Richmond - mid Atlantic rowhouses

Vancouver/Seattle/San Francisco/Boston/Providence/Portland me - multi nodal cities around a body of water

Atlanta/Charlotte/Raleigh/Chattanooga/Huntsville/Greenville/Columbia -new south type

Calgary/Denver/salt lake city/Tulsa/okc/Minneapolis/Columbus/Indianapolis/Omaha/Sacramento/Kansas City/des moines/Wichita/Winnipeg/Jacksonville/Portland or - the greater Midwest

Nashville/Austin/San Antonio - greater Midwest with southern influences

New York - unique

Quebec City - unique
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