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Originally Posted by gunnerjacket View Post
a) Thanks! I agree it's handy, and enlightening, to see all of this on one page.

b) At your leisure, I suggest splitting all the "proposed" projects into the mere "visions/concepts" and those that have been formally put forth before the City. I suspect some of those proposed won't make it past the drawing board while others have been approved and will be breaking ground once formalities have been completed. Would be nice to recognize the difference between such proposals.
I'm assuming you're referring to the MMPT. I admit that I am cheating a little on that one but I just threw it in for kicks. I don't know of any others that could be called a vision. There are some others that may be dead, at least in their proposed form, such as the 285 Marietta project.

Originally Posted by echinatl View Post
This looks nice! This is the sort of project I had in mind when I talked about the need for quality infill in the intown neighborhoods and was taken to task for wanting quality development.
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