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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
Agree with Crawford there.
Steve Jobs would disagree with you and Crawford.

Today's Steve Jobs are relocating out of the state.

Aging population with a shrinking younger population [future workers, innovators] is a population pyramid nightmare -- It doesn't work -- just look to Japan, population pyramid then and now.

What happened 35 years later in Japan? All those young people grew up, got jobs and dominated the developed world in the mid 1980s. Now look at Japan, all those young people in 1950 have retired and not they're not being replaced by an even larger set of young people. Result: Japan has stagnated and declined, same story for China this century.

E] From what JManc has posted he was recently entertaining the idea of relocating to Calif. but ultimately decided not to for a variety of reasons, CoL being one.

JManc? I don't want to put words in The Voice of Reason's Mouth, is this correct?

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