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Originally Posted by craigs View Post
Is it you think 1950 Japan is so analogous to 2019 California that it can literally predict our future? How magical!
Well, no. Remember, these are the Good Times, we're at an all-time high right now! Remember how it was 10 years ago, when California was much younger than it is today? How good were those times? Not too great.

This isn't rocket science, this is math. An increase of the non-working population [retirees] that is reliant on an ever increasing younger population, that is moving away is dependent on those young people to pay for their services, yet that ever increasing younger population is being forced out of the state. This is not a recipe for success and is of great concern.

It's the complete opposite of California's history. This trend, over years will break California, as has been witnessed in other states -- California is not immune.
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