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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
Did I make a link between nec plus ultra European living and snazziness and dining times?

I may be off with the exact times but honestly people do generally eat dinner later here. It's something my wife and I had to (slightly) adjust to when we moved from Ottawa to Gatineau. Imagine that.

And several relatives and friends of ours who live in various parts of Ontario (including the GTA) have remarked it as well.

Sorry if that bugs you.
Acajack, I respect some of your posts, but man, when you speak about Toronto and your purported knowledge (that is entirely based on anecdotes) I cringe.

I don't base my views of Montreal and French Canadians based on what I hear from my friends.. Otherwise I'd think of them as 7 million lazy, unwashed people.

See what I mean?
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