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I miss flying with civility.

Flying use to be sooooo nice. It was something you looked forward to. No paying for basic baggage, a meal even on the shortest of trips as opposed to today where a micro bag of pretzels is considered an extravagence, actually having a pillow provided for the trip, and most of all none of these endless security checks.

For domestic flights you just got your ticket and walked on the plane arriving just 30 minutes before take-off and not 2 hours like crossing into the US was nothing more than a stop sign. Today even a short flight is one check-up line after another. A few years ago my 83 year old mom had to get out of her wheelchair, and get rid of all her personals to clear security for her trip from the terrorist hotbeds of Abbotsford & London Ontario.

You use to feel pampered when flying but it has become an excruciatingly painful experience.
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