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This might not fit with the spirit of the thread, but I miss the time before I was 19. I know that'll sound ridiculous to those of you who know how old I am, but still.

That was when summers were summers and I didn't have to work over 60 hours a week in them. Passing a 40 around in the park by school, or pouring vodka into slurpees and just wander around town. Didn't matter what day or what time, you didn't have a single planned activity for days after that. Bars weren't an option so house parties were way more common and meeting people was way easier. You could spend an entire day smoking pot at Garry Point Park, and do the same the next. Go play tennis, or sit at home all day on SSP, or walk 30 minutes to Safeway just to get a bag of chips. Really it was just the sheer amount of time you had that there was no sense of being rushed to enjoy it, the same way you feel like you have to go outside when it's sunny. I don't even miss my high school years at all, but looking back with rose-coloured glasses, parts of them were pretty cool.
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