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[QUOTE=Biff;7181380]I love the project, the amount of people it will bring to Graham and Kennedy and the fact that it will kill another surface parking lot. The design is still in it's early stage so my hope it that it will be improved. The parts that I dislike are the park - this is a clone of the Hydro Park less than a block away and that hideous 10 spot surface lot off Graham HAS TO GO.

I also believe that the True North Project two blocks down will still proceed and Graham will be even better.

Hard to believe MBLL bought a 16 storey building and surface lot for $7.5 million and Fortress paid $7 million for a gravel lot for SkyCity.......ouch.[/QUOTE

i don't know if it has been sold since 2008 but at that time the Winnpeg Free Press reported that Huntingdon REIT bought the building in 2006 for $14,342,162 and had a mortgage for $9,660,000
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