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Thumbs up Proof 1100 15th Street propsed by Hines Is Back In the Works!

The search for evidence and proof that Hines is planning on developing 1100 15th Street with a 40+-story office building has turned up a find. This project shares the other half of the block as the currently under-construction Four Seasons & Residence skyscraper. Hines had proposed an office building back in 2002 on the other half of this block, but canceled it when the office market deteriorated.

In an article (which seemingly has disappeared without a trace) this summer about the 1515 Wynkoop project Hines is constructing in Denver, a Hines official speculated that the office market in Denver was strong enough and pre-leases on 1515 Wynkoop were so strong, that they were thinking of bringing a project at 1100 15th Street back to life.

Several of us forumers read that article, but no one has been able to locate it since. So others have questioned the legitimacy of this speculation. Well, it turns out Hines has brought this project back to life. It also appears Hines has increased it from a 40-story project, to a 42-story project which adds 75,000 sq.ft. of space to it's size. They have also changed it's address from 1100 15th Street to 1144 Fifteenth.

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I was looking around the Hines site and came across this in their 'experience summary' section. Anybody see anything interesting here?:

This was updated in June and also lists 1515 Wynkoop so it's not just an old document that hasn't been updated. Also, it is a different address (1144 Fifteenth instead of 1100) and about 75,000 more sq. ft.'s hoping the market stays favorable and we might get this AND Two Tabor
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