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Originally Posted by Lakelander View Post
Mobile was Florida's counterpart. Spanish Florida once stretched west to the Mississippi River. The Alabama section of Spanish Florida was taken by the US in 1819. The US got the rest of Florida in 1821. East Florida (roughly everything east and south of the Suwannee River) was too dangerous for US expansion until the end of the Seminole Wars in 1858.
Well, sure. Louisiana has the Florida Parishes going up to and including Baton Rouge.

But considering (modern-day) Florida has hundreds of miles of coastline, it's surprising that it did not produce a city on the order of Mobile during that era. There was not a single Florida city in the Top 100 cities until 1910 when Jacksonville eked onto the list at #97.

It's just surprising to me that Florida was such a complete and utter backwater for the entire 19th Century before climate, leisure activities, and other "lifestyle" goals combined with air conditioning to produce today's mammoth Sunshine State.
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