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Courtesy Spyguy
Residence Antilia is a 24-story high-rise residential building located in the heart of the city of Mumbai. The building program is divided into public and private spaces for the family and their guests. The building’s design is in direct response to unique programmatic elements and a desire to maximize the views around the site.

The building's shape consists of a series of continuous undulating surfaces both horizontal and vertical which helps to define each programmatic element while simultaneously unifying the composition. This undulating ribbon, or snake frame, serves as a secondary structure that transform the floor loads to the building core. The vertical surfaces of the frame are articulated with a steel lattice and contain a series of planter beds effectively transforming the facades into living green walls that will filter light and enhance the local micro climate of each level. It will be seen as a visual extension of the lush landscaping that surrounds the building, effectively creating an oasis in the sky.


My comments:
Let's look at the question of Antilia Residence's height.

Here's a blow up, clarified version of the rendering:

From the rendering, the tower obviously looks taller than 24 storeys -- closer to 36+ by my count.

Let's try to find some concensus to reconcile this. Now, according to some recent news articles....


This article says:
Antilia Residence is to be 245m tall.

To put the size of this building in perspective, the famous Imperial Towers in Mumbai are 249m tall -- and that is spire height. There doesn't seem to be any spire or roof effects on the rendering of Antilia Residence. Assuming the standrad Indian 3.5m/floor measurement, Antilia Residence would have the 'equivalent' size of a 70 storey building. If it is this size, it will dominate the Mumbai skyline much like The Imperial towers will.

• The tower will have among other things: 6 floors of parking; 4 floors of gardens; 1 "entertainment" floor; 2 floors of guest apartments

• Construction is expected to be completed by November, 2008.


This article says:
Antilia Residence is to be 40 storeys tall. Not only that, but, in confrimation of the 'living wall' tidbit, the article states that the tower will have a "vertical garden" going all the way to the 40th floor. Taking account non-standard architecture, the 40 storey building very well may reach 245m in height.

• The bottom six floors will be dedicated to parking. Kitchen, laundry and other services will each have their own floors.

• The building will have little less than 10 million sq ft of built-up area

• Ambani expected to move in in late 2008.


So to extrapolate from the above facts....

perhaps the 24 floors are the Ambani family's actual living space? + 6 floors parking + 4 floors gardens + 2 floors guest apartments + 1 floor theater + 1 floor kitchen + 1 floor laundry + other unspecified floors = 39+ floors. So I am guessing we have confirmation of the 40 floor height? Note that a floor count estimation of the rendering spyguy posted gives me 36 + floors.

It's worth noting that the 2nd design of this tower (the one by architect James Young) was officially called 22 floors high. However, this even more obviously conflicted with the renderings which clearly showed a 40-storey building.

In conclusion..
Seeing as two independent news articles basically gave the same height information -- information that corroborates with visual floor counts on two renderings -- I'm going with a est. height of 40 fl / 245m.

*phew* that's all I got now.

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