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As stupid as the Flames are recently.. occasionally we manage an *actual* steal:

Brendan Morrison (C): 66-9-34-43, +13, $1.25 million ($29,000/point)

Tim Connolly (C): 68-13-29-42, -10, $4.75 million ($113,000/point - almost 4x as much)

About the only major difference between the 2 is their +/-, and age: Connolly is 5 years younger. However, Morrison is a goddamn Ironman by comparison. Morrison gets hurt, sure - but once. Then goes to play the rest of the season.

Connolly had 4 separate injuries last year (groin, head, hip, nasal). Everyone talks about how his last concussion was in 2006 - OK, but since then he's also had 7 other injuries - oblique muscle, "illness", groin (twice), hip, back, rib. That's 11 season-impacting injuries in 4 seasons. The dude is bloody fragile.

Note: just pulling stuff from, please don't crucify me if their stats are slightly off.