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Originally Posted by Sky Tower View Post
For the benefit of SSC/SSP forum members, I've devised a website as a one stop shop for information on the massive projects ongoing in Dubai, with content requested and posted by forumers.

First of all I've created a working template of what I personally think should be included in the site, which you can all view during the construction process.

For the time being, I would like forumers to post a wish list of any content they would like to see added, including any links or projects that they feel deserves to be included as a megaproject.

This will be a daily updated site when I get going, but anyone who wants an active role in the construction of anything they percieve to be their niche or expertise; then please send requests through the 'contact us' links which are now active.

When the majority are happy, I hope this thread will become a plethora of information for website submission, with text, photo's, video and content links to start building the Dubai information website that we collectivly want.

This is a site predominently for SSP/SSC forumers, created by SSP/SSC forumers.

BTW, hearsay, rumours and politics will have no place here, but serious proposals will have their own listing.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
your website is full of shit about the Burj Dubai
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