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As I was looking at this photo, and also a Google Street View, something wasn't adding up to me.
If you type in 5300 Sunset Blvd. you get the corner of Sunset and Hobart where there is a
current business called 5300 Sunset Hair Studio.

BUT--in typing 5300 Sunset Blvd. into Google Images I came up with conflicting information.
If you travel east one block in the Google Street View there is ALSO a street sign at Sunset
and Serrano that says 5300 Sunset Blvd. (I did this three times to make sure I was being
accurate, but I'm open to someone else's opinion.)

Yelp indicates that 5300 Sunset Hair Studio has closed and LoopNet has a 2015 listing for it
as a bankruptcy sale and an address of 5300 - 5302 Sunset Blvd.

Loopnet has a photo of Bill's Liquor Market at Sunset and Serrano with an address of
5326 Sunset Blvd. But you can see the street sign on the street also says 5300 Sunset Blvd.


This is the building housing the Honey Bunny.

In searching for the right location I happened upon some other info about this location and a man named Earl Bruce:

Earl Bruce (sometimes you see his first name spelled Earle) was a pretty flamboyant character. Among other things, Earl was a one-time movie actor and singer under contract, race car driver, and drinking buddy of both Von Dutch and Dick Hirschberg (who also owned a bar across from L.A.'s Union Station rail terminal in the '40's.). Bruce owned a bar on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, called the Big Top, a kind of combination beer hall/jazz club. Von Dutch would work at his mechanic shop until around 11:00pm, then wander down to the Big Top after that to drink and play his flute.

The Big Top, which Earl owned from 1950-1964, was in the same location as the Honey Bunny, at Sunset and Serrano

You can see the two red painted window areas (one with a fan) in the Honey Bunny photo.

That's Earl Bruce posing with his custom car which he dubbed "The Armoured Car." Source info:

Earl Bruce bought his '40 Ford brand-new in Downtown Los Angeles, in Sept. of 1939. He walked into the Ford dealership,
looked at the car, said "I'll take it", and handed the salesman a $1,000.00 bill. The salesman was stunned, as was everyone
at the dealership who looked at the note, all having never ever seen one. But the salesman went to the finance office, got the
paperwork sorted, and returned with the title and $45.00 change, then he filled up the '40 with gas for Bruce.

It is stated that he repainted "the Armored Car in various colors dozens of times over through the years , along with about the
same number of changes in the interior/trunk upholstery, and wheel/tire combinations.

Here it is in the 1970's painted in "Bruce Red."


Near Sunset and Serrano in 1931:

A 1931 view of Sunset Blvd. east of Serrano.

USC Digital Library
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