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ICTV / Info from M-G-M Hollywood's Greatest Backlot

On the set of Easter Parade. M-G-M, 1948.
Filming "A Fella with an Umbrella" number.

MGM Lot 3 / #60: Easter Parade Street
South of Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City was MGM's huge Lot #3 where jungles, seaports,
lakes and trees, some bridges, groves, an army base, circus grounds and several western
streets were located.

At the end of the lot's Drumhead Road laid an empty paved area where, in 1948, two blocks
of the 5th Avenue outdoor set for Easter Parade were built. Unlike many constructed sets
that remained where they were built, after the scenes were in the can, this street was
completely removed and shipped to Lot #2's New York Street.

Now mostly apartment buildings stand in the echoes of this place where memories were made.
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