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Originally Posted by musicmix96 View Post
has Montreal got mafia??!
The bridge on the straits of Messina isn't only to launder money...yes every firm must pay Mafia,but Sicily needs the bridge.
The difference beetwen Canada and Italy is that the Canada tries to stop mafia Instead in Italy mafia is normality (or almost,especially in the south).
Remember the Mafia is made by people(not only killers),also accept a bribe is mafia.
Sorry if I Do spelling errors but I'm only 16
You're doing fine dont worry!

Yes, many major cities in North America have mafia in some proportion. Montreal's mafia like New York, Chicago , New Orleans dates back to the 19th century and is a bit different in that it has a history of Calabrian and Sicilian infighting to establish supremacy. The head of the Bonnano clan in New York was Montreal born but grew up in Sicily then in NYC. He was extradited to Canada because he wasnt american.
He came here a couple of years ago and started eliminating the top of the Rizzuto clan while Vito was in prison in the US. But he and a couple of his acolytes were murdered in retaliation so nobody knows if Vito will survive and reorganize the clan.
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