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Originally Posted by SpongeG View Post
i really hate the busses - i just missed the 19 today and i called the number and entered the stop # to see when the next one was coming, it was supposed to be within 5 minutes - well 15 minutes later it arrived and not only that there were two 19's pretty much a minute apart

than tonight - i was waiting for the 100 and called the number and stop # and it was about 11:53 and it said the next bus would be there at 12:18 and i was like ugh anyway within about 5 minutes the 100 showed up

how do they estimate these busses? is it GPS or a schedule? either way it was really off schedule and i wonder if this calling and stop # is very useful
It's now GPS calculated as of recently (within the past few weeks) and tends to be quite accurate. Previously it was based on scheduled times which was problematic on some routes.

If you have a smartphone I suggest using for the best information. On the mobile site you can see the actual GPS location of buses on the route, in addition to the estimated time of arrival.
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