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A 10% increase is fine with me, especially after a 5-year freeze. This is important, too, because it takes away a rhetorical cudgel from the Province and the Mayors who could argue that without the transit users being asked to pay more why should homeowners and tenants? With that said, why couldn't the two-zone fare remain at $4 instead of $4.10. I know that these smaller fare price points will be a cinch once we have Compass, but in the mean time it will feel like a hassle. The fare structure still feels pretty fair to me and with a 90 minute transfer it is a hell of a deal compared to the antiquated transfer system here in Toronto. ('up' and 'down' route restrictions, one cannot use a subway transfer obtained at a station for the surface routes at that location, once you end your trip you cannot resume it, regardless of distance of time of your journey, etc.)
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