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Originally Posted by QuarterMileSidewalk View Post
I like it. the bulged sides and the taper give it, to me, a very organic feel. I think that the tapering will have a sort of forced perspective effect, too: the tower is going to look way taller than it actually is from ground level. And I love how vertical the design details are. It is probably going to be one of my favorite buildings.
All the detailing is perfect. The vertical dividers are evenly spaced, and that atrium circle entrance is amazing. But I have to disagree with your organic comment. I actually feel like it's too forced (ex. this render) to be organic. At around 1/3 up it bends too sharply after having almost no curvature, then the upper 2/3's has a slight better curve, but it's too tapered.

The weird thing is that in this render it looks perfectly fine. I guess because it looks like it's round and it's not trying too hard with the curves. I know it's the perspective, but it looks so much better. In that render it also looks like it's a circle divided in 2, and the middle part slowly gets wider as it rises. It would've certainly made a cooler and much smoother effect/transition.
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