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Originally Posted by Beedok View Post
Hamilton's is really blurry. Partly because people on the mountain consider practically the whole lover city 'downtown'. But for a more standard count... Bay, Hunter, Wellington, and Cannon maybe?
When I lived in Hamilton, I was between Dundurn and Locke, and my coworkers considered me to be living downtown. I lived in Kirkendall, and even longtime Hamiltonians from the Mountain would sometimes not know what that was, and try to insist that I lived downtown. I knew one person who lived near Ottawa Street, and would get exasperated when someone implied that was downtown- really, it was quite a trek downtown for her. I think that your boundaries are pretty close, but that James South might be part of it, and the western boundary may be Queen.

I think this confusion about what constitutes "downtown" is common to a lot of smaller Canadian cities. Folks who live in older neighbourhoods or streetcar suburbs can see the clear distinction between their 'hoods and the central business district. Suburbanites might see (relatively) dense urban neighbourhoods as all part of one huge "downtown." Here in Kitchener, I live in a neighbourhood close to downtown but absolutely not part of it, but a lot of people (coworkers) just lump my area in with downtown. Kitchener's downtown is bordered by Victoria, Cedar (maybe a bit further east), Weber and Courtland.

I'm from London but don't know the boundaries of its downtown. Is Dufferin the boundary? Or is Richmond Row now part of downtown, either de facto or officially?
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