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Brutalism is a relatively cheap and quick building method, if you can account for the amount of labor that goes into fabricating the frames for all of the concrete pours. I wonder if this is the main reason why so many schools and businesses invest in it: concrete is durable and accesible and pretty versatile. Pegging the style as ugly or meaningless is subjective, but I do find it hard to believe that there are that many people out there constructing these types of buildings solely for their aesthetic appeal.

I saw this building on the news last night, and investigated it. It's the international Monetary Funds Building in D.C.

And here's a few more from the abundant supply in Pittsburgh.

The bayer broadcast Center for the Arts, A Hub for public radio and TV.

PNC Bank (not completely adherent to the style I think)

4615 Forbes Avenue

Another Shot of the ominous Wean Hall

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