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very nice developments for Kurdistan this but i have to say that they will have a very hard time if they want to catch up with Uae and the other Arab oil States and unfortunately Kurdistan dont have beaches by the sea. And the possibility for a port to rival Jebel ali in Dubai is non existent.

But yet still it is very good to see another country of the middle east rise out of poverty and war. And it might also still become a place with alot of commerce and Banking and the prospects of mining out minerals and metals is very good and Australia made alot of money from that.

and many tourists may want to visit this more mountainous region instead of just sea and desert so the prospects for tourism may be good too. And they always could build some wacko structures to attract more people. And if they choose to take a rather unorthodox move they could go for legalizing gambling and become the first real las Vegas of the middle east. Egypt has some already but if Kurdistan invest alot they could easily outmatch it.
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