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Highland backs rec center by Lone Peak

HIGHLAND — City Council members voted Tuesday to support using city-owned land adjacent to Lone Peak High School for a possible recreation center for public use.
The council stopped short of guaranteeing cooperation with Alpine School District on the funding of the project if plans for a recreation center on the site fall through.
Alpine District has proposed adding to the high school's gym facility as part of a $230 million bond that will be voted on Nov. 7. If the bond is approved, the district would likely add the gym sometime between 2007 to 2011.
Alpine, Cedar Hills and Highland may help pay for the gym as part of plans to form a tri-city recreation center. If the cities and Alpine School District work together on the project, the facility would be open for public use. If plans for the center fall through, the district plans to expand their gym for school use only. The deal is still in early stages.
All three cities expect to have a feasibility study on the project completed by early 2007.
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