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The Great Canadian Transit Thread

How does your city move? (other than freeways and highways)

- feet?
- horse?
- segway?
- wheelchair?
- bicycle?
- motorcycle?
- tractor?
- taxi?
- carpool?
- bus?
- tramway?
- metro?
- light rail?
- train?
- boat?
- helicopter?

Here you see one of Montreal's annoying old subway cars, still used way past their useful life and causing frequent breakdowns

The newer ones look much more appropriate for 2007, when we expanded the metro to Laval

One of these new 2007 stations

This train station opened in 2006, during rather tragic times... Thanks Toronto for lending us some GOTrains!

This rail line ends at the Bell Centre, where the future 2008 Stanley Cup Champions are playing at this moment

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