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Originally Posted by SteelTown View Post
Hamilton has to have low floor public transit because of Human Rights complaints. It's the same story for the next stop voice announcement.

From the report...

"The Ontario Human Rights Commission contact with the City of Hamilton follows orders in the City of Toronto and the City of Ottawa to implement bus stop announcements of all bus stops in response to complaints in each of the two communities. It is expected by the OHRC that Hamilton will have system-wide bus stop announcement, manual or automated prior to year end."
We never got any complaints like that, they just wanted to be low floor so that they could say they were the first full system to be low floor. (Thunder Bay Transit, the oldest municipally operated public transit system, was the first one in Canada to be 100% low floor. ) And they've never had problems with the stops either. Blind passengers tell the driver where they want to get off, and the driver lets them know when they get there. They've always done it that way.

Bus stop announcements here would be weird, I think.
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