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They announced like two years ago they cancelled plans for more as the first one had a lot of issues in the beginning. I for one really like them even though many here didn't – adds a touch of modern tech "coolness" to the area and is very distinctive. With Winnipeg slowly becoming a tech hub, I think they're a perfect fit. Plus the plans they had for some to be little kiosks, or more "useful" than just video screens, it'd be awesome, especially when considering all the new developments along Graham. Grab a coffee at the bus stop!

The bigger question around all this is are they going to continue the SHED design all the way along Graham? And when will the rest of the streets actually in the SHED get the treatment? It's a brutal mix of styles right now. Classic black design on Portage (with horribly out of place unpainted poles on the median) awkwardly transitions to new SHED lighting, then on some streets to really old green poles, into 90s Transit style on Graham (which I for one still love).
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