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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
a great image of Hollywood Young Republicans on Mother's Day 1954, in indignation over vandals smearing the billboard of Mildred Younger, candidate for State Senator. they are giving her a good clean scrubbing

the billboard was located on sunset boulevard just east of figueroa

Source: USC Digital Archive

here is a 1960 front facade image of the house that was located at 835 sunset boulevard that is visible on the left side of the billboard

Source: LAPL

here's it's neighbor at 849 sunset boulevard

Source: LAPL

a 1924 image looking east on sunset across figueroa, today, this view would be of the orsini apartment complex

Source: LAPL

yikes! look at all that traffic with nary a stop sign nor semaphore in site!
Good lord, Jansen, these photos you find! Those WONDERFUL old houses on Sunset, especially the Victorian. Both have those long steep stairs that are so emblamatic of old Los Angeles. And that photo of the street and houses in the 20's. If only there was some way to go back in time and spend endless hours staring at these fascinating and atmospheric bldgs. and streets. Thanks.
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