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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
Shanghai's skyline is not beautiful or iconic. It's more a scifi fantasy with components of awkward weirdness surrounded by a bleak, dystopian sea of cement high-rises.
Shanghai is a lot of things, but dystopian isn't one of them. Maybe in 50 years after this China miracle comes crashing to the ground, and the streets become no-go zones, and buildings become burnt-out carcasses with shanty towns surrounding their base, but until then, dystopian and Shanghai in the same sentence doesn't even compute. Would you consider Hong Kong dystopian? New York?

Even after 10 years, I'm constantly mesmerized by the skyline. It's got a lot going for it (except pre-war skyscrapers which turn some people off).

lujiazui tint by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr

sunset city 2 by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr

unlikey by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr

dune by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr

lujiazui bang by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr
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