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Originally Posted by niwell View Post
It's more cyberpunk than dystopian. Although those genres definitely do have some overlapping themes.
This. It has everything in too much. Just sensory overload for me. And yes, I totally think Bladerunner (movie, not the book it was based on so much) and books like Snow Crash (cyberpunk) and The Windup Girl (dystopian.)

For me, the big cities in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia end up looking like something a half century from now. Somehow they have this built up layered history with ultra-modern bling which seems half a century away here.

Dystopian does not have to mean decay, it means dehumanizing which can be social or environment. Its when things go wrong within society and society collapses. Shanghai is an amazing backdrop for that because you can imagine almost anything happening there given that layered craziness.

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