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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
The rules have always been slanted towards those who want to tear down and build new - which is why Halifax, despite being one of the oldest cities in Canada has only a small percentage of its old buildings remaining.
We have debated this point here ad nauseum, but there are a lot of reasons why so many old Halifax buildings have disappeared. Many of them were unremarkable wood boxes that did not offer anything other than being old. Some that were perhaps more worthy of preserving were lost in the rush to build Harbour Drive. Many were allowed to deteriorate and by the end were run-down low-rent apartments. Heritage is great until you have to pay to keep it up and try to make it commercially viable.

As for the rules being slanted towards tearing down and rebuilding, explain to me why nothing new was built DT in about 20 years. The late '80s to the late '00s were an era where DT development was in stasis.
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