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Originally Posted by atbw View Post
That area of town is one of my favourites. If it had a grocery store a little closer (or a small-scale store downstairs!) I'd be sold. Living downtown it's the only thing I wish was a little closer.

As for parking, they may have the spots, but it's not going to get the same level of use as a garage on Larry Uteck. The parking lot in the Alexander is nowhere near full and not everyone will be using their car every day, especially in that part of town.
I really like that part of town as well. Close enough to downtown that you can walk anywhere, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle that you're not living in the middle of it. Plus just down the street from Public Gardens if you like to go for daily strolls.

I agree about parking. I would always plan to have a car as I like to be able to go anywhere anytime, but if I lived there it would probably be parked most of the time as you can walk anywhere from there. Basically you save your car from wear and tear for the times when you really need it and really want to drive rather than beating it back and forth commuting every day.

There used to be a small grocery store up on Coburg at Seymour (it was a Capitol Store at one time), but it was torn down last year for (I think) Dal to put up some building. I would think there is still a market for a small/medium size grocery store in that neighborhood, so I wouldn't be surprised to see one go in somewhere in the area, maybe even in one of those two projects.
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