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Originally Posted by logan5 View Post
With the Whitecaps providing a way better atmosphere that attracts younger fans is imo a big part of the reason for the Lions alarming attendance figures.
I don't think it's any coincidence that in the three markets they share the MLS has surpassed CFL numbers and the CFL numbers have dropped. Montreal is the only market where, under the shared CFL-MLS model, the CFL is maintaining steady attendance. I'm not sure what the impact of the CPL will be moving forward on both CFL and MLS figures. We'll see how the franchise locations shake out.

Whitecaps sold out last night for a midweek game, as well.

Originally Posted by DrJoe
My point simply was that any franchise in the league, whether it be the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, anyone would struggle to draw decent crowds if their team went on a 20 year streak out of the playoffs or even contending for a playoff spot.
Hell, the Yankees have been having issues with attendance ever since they opened New Yankee Stadium, and they're not far removed from dominating the league for years. Went to a game there last year against the Jays and half the stadium was empty.

Originally Posted by khabibulin
Official attendance is 11,219 at BMO field.
11K is Toronto Rock @ ACC territory.

It's interesting how Toronto has been shaking out this year:

35K+: Jays
25K-to-30K: TFC
18K-to-21K: Raptors, Leafs
10K-15K?: Argos
7K-10K: Rock
5K-7K: Wolfpack

Eventually the Jays attendance will drop down to high 20s/low 30s like they were previously but there's room for growth at the bottom for Argos, Rock, and Wolfpack. It's likely that the Wolfpack will be getting larger crowds at Lamport than Argos at TFC soon, and if the Wolfpack win their league this year like they're looking destined to they'll be in 2nd division Rugby next year.

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