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Originally Posted by VANRIDERFAN View Post
Will the citizens of those cities be happy if the CFL dies? Will they care?

Except for a very small number of people the answer is NO. At least in Toronto. You never see anybody walking around town in an Argo's hat, or shirt. It's all Baseball, Hockey, NBA, and MLS supporters you see walking around town.

T.O teams attendance rankings for their last seasons.
Blue Jays #3 out of 30 - Total for regular season 3,392,099
Maple Leafs #5 out of 30 - Total for regular season 809,519
Raptors #3 out of 30 - Total for regular season 813,050
TFC #4 out of 22 - Total for regular season 451,917
Argos #8 out of 9 - Total for regular season 381,181

It should be noted that the attendance records for the Argo's show that approx 2 3rds of the tickets sold were to visiting fans not supporting the home team.
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