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Originally Posted by Berklon View Post
I guess Montrealers (and Vancouverites) are wanna-Americans. At least that's what I keep hearing is the reason for low attendance (once the stadium can no longer be used as an excuse).
There is more to it than that. Toronto has a demonstrated low level of interest for made in Canada stuff and it's not just about the CFL. They started moving the Juno Awards around the country (when they were previously always in Toronto) due to waning interest in them in the GTA. There is a reason why they never hold the Brier in Toronto and that the CHL hesitated a lot before finally putting the Memorial Cup in the GTA (Mississauga). Even then it was a big challenge selling tickets and drumming up interest. The same goes for the Vanier Cup university football championship.

Montreal may not be super-hot for the Alouettes and the CFL right now, but there is generally a high level of interest for Québécois-specific stuff in the city and metro area. I wouldn't call them a bunch of American wannabes just because they're not interested in Rita MacNeil, Stompin Tom and Men with Brooms.
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