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Originally Posted by TorontoDrew View Post
What a load of crap. They started rotating the Juno's out of demand from other parts of the country and also increase overall viewership. The Juno's TV ranking were slipping nation wide. Toronto has huge support for it's team and is proud of those franchises historic Canadian roots. Not liking the CFL does not mean we don't support Canadian stuff.

FYI the very first Brier was held in Toronto. While it hasn't been back in many years it also hasn't returned to Montreal in 40 years now. the Junos starting rotating out of Toronto since 1991 and have been back to the big smoke 5 times since then. Each year we play host to Canada's largest pro tennis event where the fan base has grown along with Canadian talent.

What a fucking load of crap that comment was.
No one seriously claims that Montreal is the "centre" of most anything pan-Canadian these days anyway.

It is what it is.
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