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Any years of start and or completion given for these?
Not anything accurate enough to be worth recording. I wouldn't bother filling that in until there's at least some sign of site prep.

Also, for "mixed-use" please give the uses. In this case, I don't think the secondary uses are enough of the structure for these to be considered "mixed use" which is generally not something we use for some hotel, residential or office building which just so happens to have ground floor retail or commercial space.
I don't think everyone would agree to that definition, but that's fine. #2 is mixed-use by any definition, with near-even splits between office, hotel, and residential (and ancillary retail).

Also, if these have unit counts and architects, add those to the requests.
You'll find unit counts for #s 1 & 2 were included in the original requests. I don't have the ability to access them from my current device, but you'll find all the other information readily available in the linked PDFs.

Just remember to be more thorough, and it'd be great to include secondary sources such as newspaper articles, development blog posts, etc.
Curious-- what's the perceived benefit to providing non-primary sources when the primary source is already provided?
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