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Originally Posted by fredinno View Post
Keep in mind the Only reason I'm still here is to finish this BS.

If you people hate me, than please help me.

Because I know you all hate me. So help me fuck off.
Ok, this is my last try. Nobody here hates you. You have annoyed a lot of us, but that is a relatively minor thing. We don't hate you, we don't even know who you are. REMEMBER, this is the internet, not a private club. There are good people, bad people, caring people, selfish self-centred people. Luckily, none of them are fully real, they are just internet 'stand-ins.'

"Please help you"? I have written an awful lot of words trying to do just that. And, I am trying again. I don't want you to do anything in particular. I certainly don't want you to "fuck off."

And, don't refer to your crazy ideas as BS. They are just fine in the fantasy realm. Many of them are interesting. And your map? Well, I love the quality of it and the intense craziness of the ideas/layouts. The convolutions are almost philosophical. If you do make it into a digitized version, don't lose this one - it records something significant about who you are. It is also fun and intriguing. Keep working on it. Do real research, get out and visit the places - and refine it to death.

The problems you have run into are simply a result of you flooding too many threads with too much un-reality and distractedly unrehearsed ideas that simply frustrated the ongoing discourse. This too is not the end of the world. Just learn from it. The solution is actually very simple. Recognize two separate categories: "fantasy" and "reality." And then just keep them in the proper places. Especially, keep the fantasy out of the real world discussions unless it makes a very pertinent point.
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