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So the urban demise of the future core is predicted by some posters here after another round of PAT transit cuts. Well that's new. I have read essentially the same comments here after every round of cuts and the alarmists have been wrong every time. Maybe they will be right this time but I doubt it and really wouldn't give them much credit for being right. If you predict the same thing enough times,statistically you are increasing your chances at being right one time. Kind of like the the ol' blind squirrel finding a nut.
Nice find on the arena open roof there TBone. I suspect that what's left of the roof is about to be dismantled. I came across a You Tube video from last week that a Noralco worker uploaded, showing them bringing down the mechanism that held up the scoreboard.
Also, thanks for the LOT 24 update pics. I inquired about the pricing structure and received an e-mail back from the Cork Factory Lofts property manager saying that the pricing structure hasn't been determined yet.
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