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^ No one is talking about the "demise" of the future urban core due to transit cuts. Comments were made about how cuts to transit do in fact work to impede Pittsburgh becoming that type of "in" city we are now continuously reminded that it is/should/will be and that local and national promoters so desperately want it to be. A sound and efficient public transit system providing connectivity (to a highly fractured and seemingly inaccessible region in Pittsburgh's case) is an important cornerstone of a progressive city.

If bringing up that inarguable point in response to planned massive public transit service reductions, which will be the largest in the history of the agency, is viewed by you as being an "alarmist", then it is indicative of your lack of understanding of the issue. Do you happen to use Port Authority buses or the T for transportation?

And, I have a hard time believing that in the scant 4 years you've been a member of the forum, you've heard these "alarmist" claims about the demise of Pittsburgh due to transit cuts many times before -- especially considering that Port Authority transit cuts of large enough impact to merit any outcry in Allegheny County are a rather recent issue.
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