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Originally Posted by Frisco_Zig View Post
As I understand the site it's greenfield and miles from any public transit and across the freeway from developed Fremont
Your understanding is incorrect. It is going into an already cleared and turned lot that was going to be a Cisco campus anyway. It is bordered on three sides by existing mixed use development. If not already, this area will be serviced by AC Transit when the stadium, village and housing gets built. ACE and Capitol Corridor run right past it and the plan includes a new station here. The only drawback is that it is 5 miles from the current Fremont BART station and at least a mile from the planned Warm Springs station. Shuttles are fine for the airport, but with the volume needed before and after games, I don't know how that would work.

I agree that it would have been preferrable in downtown Oakland. Unfortunately for the A's, Jerry Brown had other plans for the one realistic site: Uptown. The rest of downtown Oakland is built out, and the team and city officials weren't willing to employ eminent domain.

On the plus side for Fremont, this area could become that city's de facto downtown. Something it is lacking today.
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