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Glad the Steven's Garage is apparently moving forward. I pass it everday on the way to work and it's just hideous currently but with a number of nice buildings around it. If only that one block near it could improve a little (crappy old strip mall, surface parking lot, etc) it would help smooth out the urban feel.

Isn't Southern Electronics in the LSU teaching hospital footprint? Is the post on bidclerk indicative of them moving and renovating a new location or renovation of the existing?

La Pension has a very small streetfront on must wrap around the back or something in order to have 50,000 square feet or whatever they said. GoogleEarth doesn't have a streetview from that nasty alley behind it.

TRUMP! oh trump...well I have a reasonable level of excitement that "today is the day" but then's trump. Cross the fingers and pray if that's your thing. I do agree that the building is pretty ugly in some respects, but most of our downtown was designed by the same architects (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill). We could use a little diversity up in here even if it means some kind of modernistic spiral of glass and ugly TRUMP in gold letters.
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