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Originally Posted by Jfilyaw View Post
Any updates on Charter Square, The Dillon, Residence in, or the Edison??
Edison office tower and Charter Square north are still in "planning" phases which means they are still trying to fill enough of the space in pre-leases that they go ahead.

The Residence Inn should be topping out before too long, I'll get some pics this weekend. This is one from back in mid May:


The Dillon is nearly through with demolition. They have braced the frame of the building that will become part of the new building:


I'll have to get some new photos of the Allscripts building in North Hills and Union Station train station which are both coming along.

Also, I don't think this rendering has been posted. This is a proposed mixed-use for West street on the north side of downtown, bordering Glenwood South. It would include a grocery store.
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