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Originally Posted by olga View Post
Great shots, great city! Thanks a lot for posting these, anm!

BTW, whta happened with Hotel Moskva. Did they tear it down and rebuild it, as was said iirc, or just renovate?
1. my pleasure

2. There is a thread on SCC about Hotel Moskva reconstruction. In short, the building has been completly taken apart and rebuilt (with more underground space). The front of it will retain the notorious asymmetry, the cladding will be a little different.

This is example of the new cladding, photo by Mr. MyXin, SSC


The most important change is the back of the building (facing Teatralnaja Square) - it will be restored according to one of original Schusev blueprints.

The back of Hotel Moskva before demolition

what you are seeing is an later add-on to the building, not part of Schusev design

the being restored original back facade

front facade before demolition, photo by sky777

front facade status in August 2007, photo by Bolik

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