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Originally Posted by AdrianXSands View Post
philadelphia's city hall is probably the ugliest piece of beaux arts crap ever built. the word graceless fails to summarize its architectural awkwardness.
I BEG to differ. What is awkward about it? GRACELESS? That building bleeds grace, and I've only seen it in pictures. You also think that the säynätsalo town hall is beautiful. WHAT?! It's as far from beauty and originality as you can get. I've seen CAR WASHES that are more attractive. I'm a fan of modern architecture, but the neo-classical design is a BIG soft spot for me. I do NOT, however, aprreciate the brutalism style that you promote. God willing, it will become illegal in America. Brutalist structures are SO hideous and detrimental to a city's essence.

BTW, The Pasadena and Beverly Hills halls are very attractive. Also, Am I the only person on here that can see that the old LA city hall drips with masonic symbolism?

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