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Originally Posted by Street Advocate View Post
PCM is essentially a 10 story building in the neighborhood. Initial proposals include 3 buildings each larger than the historical structure. All things considered, and even though I am supportive of higher density development in this area, I am a bit surprised more people are not up in arms about this and the 725 Ponce project. 9-10 story developments is probably more appropriate for the area, with incremental increases of height as developments approach Midtown.

That said, the EST may be growing into Atlanta's "West Loop' if development trends continue at this scale.
This is a future transit hub, and I think with all the underutilized land in the area (e.g. Fuqua Whole Foods Shopping Center) I think these are appropriate for the area. I think encouraging high density near transit and low density elsewhere is a smart growth pattern for a city. With current density along the EST and North Ave, the street car would not be utilized appropriately in my opinion, so more density is needed to make rail transit more cost effective.
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