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Originally Posted by sammo View Post
response? i wasn't expecting one.

and do brace yourselves for the november elections when the political sciolists (not to be confused with 'socialists' -which many of them unwittingly are) will be shocked, scratching their collective heads, wondering now what the heck went wrong - ?
and it'll be days before the dust settles and the white house/press, the Teleprompter, the Times, msnbc, etc. have the anodynic talking points assembled/aligned to explain the 'catastrophe'. "is Liberalism dead?" they'll -no, we'll wonder aloud...

i'll check back in in november, dig up this thread...

God Bless America!

p.s. hey, stating my post doesn't warrant a response is a response!
Please refer to the original post of this thread, read your response, and then try to establish a connection between your series of opinions (which I would refer to as a rant) and the topic of this thread. You've made no reference to any actual political trends that are going on in the United States... much less the Southern/Western US, or Texas. If you're not going to mention any factual information that relates to the thread content, there's not much sense in trying to engage you in the conversation. If you'd like an outlet for your opinions, you can start a thread that involves your content and invites other site uses to engage in those topics. Or you can always refer to one of theses creative media sources...
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